The 10 partner agencies met up in Lisbon

At the last Affinità meeting, the 10 partner agencies met up on the stunning Portuguese coast of Lisbon.

New achievements and new acquisitions

In a friendly, young and dynamic atmosphere, in true Affinità style, key topics for the network’s growth were discussed. First of all, new business and achievements on the relevant markets were analysed; these include important brands like Google, Burger King, DELL Technologies, GDK, ANA, Volvo Trucks and Cromology.

Technology and data at the heart of the strategy

During the meeting, particular attention was given to technology and data management; the Portuguese meeting has confirmed the strategic relevance of technology and data science for the network, which over the last year has made considerable investments on Marketing Automation, Data Analysis, and Mobile Technology (Augmented Reality and Gamification).

The proprietary tool ODYSSESY needs to be mentioned as well; implemented by the Dutch team (Nubis), it is capable of effectively managing Affiliate Marketing campaigns on a large scale.

Ultimately, the will of the network is to position itself as a trendsetter within the market, by continuing to invest on technology and innovation.


Happy Birthday Affinità!

Among the picturesque Portuguese landscape, excellent food, enthusiasm and a lot of fun, the third meeting of Affinità came to an end. This meeting was an important step forward for the growth of a network that turned one year old exactly during those days!

Happy Birthday Affinità… and see you soon in Milan for the next meeting!