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    Social Media Management & Content Curation
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Social Media Management and Content Curation for a digital presence able to convey Kadus Professional’s core values and generate a higher engagement rate.



Kadus Professional, lifestyle beauty brand, with the claim “beauty makes you feel good” fits into the haircare market in a new and innovative way. To Kadus, hair is a substance that lives and changes over time, according to the changes of the person. 


Our challenge is to promote the brand by conveying its core values. We managed to improve brand’s digital positioning, increase brand awareness, reinforce the community B2B and B2C, boosting also the engagement through an effective social media management.

  • Social Media Management
  • Content Curation
  • Engagement Growth
  • Brand Digitalization


By analyzing the digital ecosystem related to beauty, we developed a media strategy based on content curation and digital translation of brand’s core features, such as reliability, spirit of initiative and transparence. The creation of specific contents made of emotional texts, original visuals and direct and clear call to actions, have enabled to intercept the target, turning them into real users, not just digital ones. By reinforcing its identity day after day, we support the brand constantly even through the website, advertising campaigns, and community management, for a complete digital experience.