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    Sebastian Professional
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Brand awareness and customer engagement through social media communication that can inspire.


Sebastian Professional, avant-garde brand in the hairstyling industry, is characterized by its rebellious spirit and a creative and original soul. We work closely with the brand to ensure a solid digital presence in the Italian market. We provide technical assistance and maintenance of the official website verifying its proper functioning, and also we organize brands’ contents through the communication and management of social channels.

  • Concept Creation
  • Brand Communication
  • Social Media
  • Social Advertising


We manage all the digital communication channels focusing our work on improving brand awareness, stimulating user engagement and promoting new products. We deal with the management of the contents and the Italian community, with the aim of inspiring and stimulating it, through the production of engaging contents that reveal the values of the brand. Through gamification, user-generated content (UGCs) and inspirational content, we push both professionals and consumers to enter Sebastian’s avant-garde world.