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    System Professional
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    Strategic Communication and Content Creation
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Support the reaching, engaging and converting of a high-end audience, for which digital channels are perceived as fundamental touchpoints enclosed in the customer journey.


System Professional, part of the Coty Inc group, is a well-known brand within the hairstyling sector. It communicates to a luxury segment and provides a huge care towards its clients, from the moment they enter in a saloon onwards. The main need of the brand was to increase its brand awareness and amplify the audience within the digital channels.


System Professional wanted to provide tools that could open a direct conversation with the final user, both on B2B and B2C level, also to increase the conversion rate.

  • Strategic Communication
  • Content Creation


Figmenta supported the digital communication through an integrated strategy which included a multitude of activities. From the implementation of contents in social media, such as Facebook, to the launch of ADV campaigns related to contests, passing through Geo marketing campaigns, product photo shootings for the creation of canvas and influencer marketing, Figmenta has coordinated a successful strategy which combines both online and offline touchpoints.