Whether you’re a digital marketer working from home, in a café, on a train, in a hotel halfway around the world or in an actual office, at some point you will end up googling desperately for some fast and easy solutions to ease your working life.

Luckily, ever year tons of new tools and apps, meant to apparently revolutionize your work organisation, are developed and launched into the market. As exciting as it may sound, the downside is that it is not that easy to discern effective tools from useless or unintuitive and too complex ones. Here you will find our selection of tools and apps that will help you improve the effectiveness of your work, save some precious time and, last but not least, will boost your motivation and ultimately your productivity.

Copywriting Support

Every job has its issues, and being a copywriter is no exception! Among tight deadlines, demanding requests and writer’s block, the daily struggles of a copywriter are endless! First of all, who wouldn’t like to have a proofreader on hand all the time? Grammarly, available as a free digital marketing tool, as a browser extension or as an integrated app, is a tool which helps the copywriter, but not only, to check spelling or grammatical mistakes and depending on your goal, also gives you tips on how to improve sentences and vocabulary. Similarly, Hemingway App enables you to create a clearer and more readable text, by giving syntax and style suggestions. Unfortunately, no creativity infuser has been invented yet!

Credits to Grammarly


Social Media Management and Content Curation Tools

As already stated above, there isn’t any creativity infuser tool on the market, but there are some tools that can make content research easier, both for copywriters and marketers! Buzzsumo, for example, is a software that identifies the trendiest content shared on social networks, suggests the most eminent influencers related to specific topics and analyses competitors’ websites to get information on their content and how they perform. At the end of the day, apart from offering content inspiration, this software diminishes the risk of creating content which won’t perform as hoped!

eClincher is a tool that many social media managers are already using and loving, because it enables to manage many social media accounts from a centralized dashboard and to carry out automated tasks with a few clicks. Apart from scheduling and publishing the posts in an automated way, eClincher offers the possibility to recycle content for amplified exposure, to unify social inboxes, set up and manage multiple social campaigns, track keywords, hashtags, feeds and influencers.

Credits to Buzzsumo


SEO, SEM and Research Tools

SEO and SEM tools sound anything but innovative, but there are some of them which are worth to mention. Ahrefs is believed to be one of the best ones on the market at the moment, since it gives you all information you need about your competitors, such as insight on where they  get traffic, where they rank for specific keywords, as well as what you need to do to outrank them. Moreover, it claims to offer the biggest keywords and backlinks databases, which should enable to get relevant and advanced reports for your Seo activities.

Similar to Ahrefs is Serpstat, really easy to use and intuitive, which helps to find new and useful keywords and backlinks, and to track competitors’ behaviour in this regard. In comparison to other tools, the data for some countries are more accurate.

If you are an App developer or a marketer, you should consider downloading AppAnnie, the best tool for tracking competitors in every app store. It also shows the ranking of your App depending on the keyword, so that you can edit your description and titles in order to improve it.

Credits to Ahrefs


Team Collaboration, Tasks and Time Management Tools

Trello, Asana, Hootsuite and Teamwork are as old as time for digital marketers. Nuvro is meant to overcome the limitations of all the other online project management tools, and promises to manage all the different teams, projects, tasks and documents in an integrated and efficient way, thanks to it centralized team management and project health dashboards. In addition, it offers an integrated email messaging system to keep internal communication centralized and easy, with the extra possibility to make and get member performance reviews.

In addition to a project management tool, it could be smart to use a time management one and Time Doctor seems to be most efficient one out there; it enables to accurately track how much time you and your team spend on each task, by offering precise reports, which, at the end of the day, helps to monitor work efficiency and productivity.

Credits to Time Doctor


Meetings Scheduling Tools

Full calendar? Sometimes scheduling meeting and calls can be a real nightmare! Don’t panic, there are many tools that will eventually become your trustworthy Assistants! Calendly is one of them, and it makes scheduling events, calls and interviews way easier and more efficient. You just need to set up your availability and let the attendees decide their preferred time through an automated email.  But hands down, the most revolutionary tool is x.ai, which is meant to be the tool of the future thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. All you need to do is set up your preferences, cc Amy or Andrew into your emails and after that he/she will directly deal with your guest via e-mail. Yes, you read it right, as an actual assistant, and your attendee will be none the wiser! After having scheduled everything, Amy/Andrew will send you and your attendee a confirmation/invitation email, before putting the meeting into the calendar.


Credits to x.ai

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