The first steps to execute a successful Influencer Marketing program

Using Influencer Marketing is now a paramount. According to a study by Linquia, 86% of marketers used it in their own digital marketing strategy, and 94% of them found it effective. It is superfluous to emphasize that the use of Influencer Marketing allows the brand to improve its credibility, increasing the audience’s trust. The use of influencer can also stimulate engagement, increase web traffic and the conversion rate.

This is exactly the reason why even large brands are using this effective marketing channel. In fact, international brands like Adidas and Colgate-Palmolive have used digital influencers in many of their campaigns, which has helped to increase brand interest and purchase potential.

As huge brands are implementing an Influencer Marketing strategy, this does not mean that small and medium-sized businesses cannot. Indeed, anyone can now use successful influencer marketing even on a tight budget. When it comes to influencer marketing, still yet many brands don’t really know how.

In this article, we will explain step-by-step how to execute an influencer marketing program in a right way.

1. Definition of the objective

The first step to execute a successful influencer marketing program is to set your goals and clearly define what you wish to achieve.

Running an Influencer Marketing Campaign without a clearly defined goal is like traveling without knowing the destination. You know you want to get somewhere, but you don’t know where you want to go. Before even starting to develop a plan for the campaign, you need to define what you expect from the campaign. Do you want to improve your performance? What aspects of the your performance do you want to improve? Engagement, Brand Awareness, Conversion or all of them? Or maybe you want to promote a new product or an event for a certain audience?

Whatever the goal, basically you should define it and use it as a basis for planning your campaign. Your goal will help you understand which type of influencers you want, whether an instagram influencer or a social media influencer,  and how to execute your campaign.

For example, if you want more people to know about your brand, you should work with influencers that have a higher reach. That’s why you should invite them to tell your brand story.

Or if you want to achieve greater involvement, look for micro influencers that can reach a relevant and reactive audience. Or maybe you could push them to promote a giveaway through which followers can win free products or experiences that are related to your brand.

2. Find the right influencers

Now that you’ve defined your goal, you can start looking for digital influencers that can help you achieve it. What you need to remember is that the influencers you choose must be relevant to both your brand and your goal.

To choose the right influencers, look for people who support you, taking into account these indications:

  1. If you want to increase brand awareness: select the best influencer with a massive reach
  2. To increase the brand’s feeling: choose influencers known for spontaneous and authentic communication.
  3. For building trust around the brand: niche influencers known for creating authentic content
  4. When it comes to enrich engagement: relevant micro-influencers with a high Engagement Rate
  5. For increasing conversions: mix of top, mid-level and micro-influencers on various relevant levels of nicheness
  6. When the objective is to promote the launch of a product: industry experts and niche influencers with significant scope

These are just a few examples of the types of influencers you can work with, based on some of the most common influencer marketing goals. Obviously a good digital strategist will adapt the strategy to specific objectives, in order to implementing an influencer marketing strategy in the right way.

Once you decide the type of influencers, you can use different tools suited to your strategy.

With these tools, you can conduct research using relevant keywords and choose the most suitable ones based on the number of followers, the position, the rate of engagemement and more.

You can find influencers also via platforms like Scoutsee, which helps brands connect with influential fans and transforms them into brand ambassadors.

3. Provide the right payment / incentive

According to Altimeter e TapInfluence, the biggest mistake that can be made in influencer marketing is not paying the influencer accordingly for their work. Influencers allow brands to use their influence to reach a relevant audience, which is why it is right to reward them fairly.

At the same time, some small and medium businesses have budget limits. In this case, you need to carefully plan around your budget. Just make a payment model that is advantageous for the brand and the influencers.

Here are five popular reward models (in order of effectiveness):

  1. Cost per engagement: This is when you pay the influencers based on the engagement rate they get with their content. The aforementioned Linqia study found one of the compensation models more effective.
  1. Cost per click: with the cost per click, influencers are paid based on the number of clicks that direct the audience to your landing page. It is considered effective as a cost per engagement model.
  2. Pay per post: with this model, the influencers receive a fixed amount for each post they create for the brand. It is the third most effective model, according to marketing experts at Linqia
  3. Products / experiences free: instead of (or in addition to) a cheap free, you can offer influencers free products or for their partnership.
  4. Cost per acquisition: also known as “cost per conversion” or “cost per action”, which means rewarding influencers for the number of actions or acquisitions that their followers perform.

The action could be sending a form, signing up for a newsletter or buying a product / service.

4. Plan your marketing campaign influencer

Once you have established the bases to find and reward the influencers, you need to determine which type of campaign you intend to implement.

influencer campaign

Planning a Influencer Marketing Strategy

There are many different ways to manage an influencer marketing campaign, here are three of the most effective strategies of influencer marketing campaigns.

  1. Create a showcase for your products on the influencer boards

When you launch an Influencer Marketing campaign, you need to use all the tools and opportunities that different social platforms like Instagram offer, for example. Even some influencers claim that it is the platform most effective for influencer marketing.

Instagram influencers can post product photos on Instagram and include a personal link to the store in their biography or in the content itself: their show reel will then include product images, with links to each page of the specific product. This helps make the purchase process easier for their followers.

  1. Promote a giveaway

Giveaways can be a very effective component of Influencer Marketing campaigns: One is able to involve the target audience and increase awareness of brand activity. When an influencer hosts a prize contest using the brand products, it has the possibility to involve its own followers, while at the same time pushing engagement for the core activities of the brand.

The rules of the competition may require users to tag their friends in comments or share welcome posts to enter. This will ensure that even more people know about the brand. Competitions can help increase brand interest and improve their perception.

  1. Create unique content

You often come across things in the influencers content that seems unnatural, or even pre-packaged, as if they didn’t create the content. This can happen when the companies try to have excessive control over how the influencers promote their brand or their products. This is one of the biggest mistakes that brands commit with influencer marketing.

Influencers are able to influence for one main reason: they know how to create unique and engaging content that is resonant for their audience. When working with influencers, we must rely on them to tell the story of the brand, making them true spokespersons of the brand.


This is the right way to approach an influencer marketing campaign, defining a goal and then finding influencers based on that goal to be achieved. Identifying the right method and adapting the most functional strategy will allow us to achieve our goal.

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