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Forcetek Sport produces a complete range of Made in Italy sportswear for outdoor and indoor activities, in line with fashion trends, which boasts highly performing and innovative fabrics.


Detaching the brand’s sportswear line from the military clothing one Forcetek.
Restyling the brand positioning, from technical clothing to high-end sportswear with a lifestyle appeal.
Increasing the brand and product awareness.
Building a community of dynamic people around the brand, interested in sport and healthy lifestyle.


We have developed the brand’s digital communication guidelines, establishing the tone of voice, storytelling concept and values, topics’ consistency and visual features.
We have restyled Forcetek Shopify e-commerce and developed Forcetek Sport one through WooCommerce, in order to separate the souls and divisions of the brand.
From pictures to videos, we have created tailor made and strategic content for all digital touch points: e-commerce, launch campaign, social media and paid campaigns.
We have been activating relationships with micro, nano and macro influencers that fit the values of the brand and the lifestyle it desired to convey.
We manage daily social media communication with its related community through engagement and growth activations.


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