Figmenta managed Mopar EMEA’s communication during the Motor show

For the occasion of the Motor Show 2017, the most important automotive event in Italy, which took place from the 2nd to the 10th of December at the Quartiere Fieristico of Bologna, Figmenta managed and developed Mopar’s communication. The official service partner for all Fiat Chrysler Automobile brandstook part in this fair by exhibiting the Jeep® Wrangler Mopar® One, that is the Wrangler Unlimited Sahara, icon of the brand Jeep, customized with Mopar One Pack; the first 100% street legal off-road Jeep vehicle already fully equipped from the factory door, in the EMEA region.

Integrated communication strategy and influencer marketing

Figmenta developed and managed an integrated communication strategy, composed of online and offline activities and organized in three phases, teasing phase, live phase and post-event phase. Moreover, it was chosen to involve an influencer in all the activities, Silvio De Rossi, automotive expert and founder of Stylology, in order to increase the buzz around the presence of Mopar at the fair, and to push his audience to visit the booth.


Interviews and ADV campaign

The most effective and engaging phase of the campaign was the one that took place live during the event. In fact, in addition to the production of photos and videos related to the event, Figmenta organised a moment of direct interaction with the booth’s visitors, through planned interviews and the installation of go-pro cameras inside the car, characterized by an informal and playful tone of voice. All the material collected during this phase contributed to the production of dynamic and engaging contents for the brand social media accounts, aimed at stimulating the participation of the audience, increasing the engagement of the page.

During all the phases, in support of the planned editorial calendars’ organic posts, an ADV campaign was developed and managed, whose objective was to reach a wider audience.

The results of the strategy

The use of this strategy, activated to manage communication during the Motor Show, enabled to make the brand’s Facebook fan base grow and to increase the brand awareness. The influencer marketing activity, and the influencer’s ability to interact helped to attract more visitors to the booth, and to start an engagement process. In particular, the appeal of the Jeep brand, and the interview activity enabled us to set up a first contact with many visitors who had little knowledge of the brand Mopar.

The Motor Show communication activity is part of a wider framework of activities, designed and implemented to increase the growth and the recognition of all services that Mopar offers within the EMEA region, and differentiate the brand image of Mopar EMEA from the parent company, located in the US.

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