Figmenta keeps growing and moves to the Navigli District

A new era has started for Figmenta, which keeps growing and needs more space for its daily activities. After many succesfull years of work in the historic centre of Milan, Figmenta, highly specialized in digital consulting and brand communication, has moved to Navigli. The choice is not by chance, this vital and suggestive central district of Milan is one of the most popular and loved areas by professionals and tourists. It is a breeding ground for creativity, the ultimate venue of fashion, beauty and design events, where new meets old, where innovation meets tradition.

A big milestone for Figmenta

This represents a big milestone for Figmenta, which since 2007 has been working with globally renowned clients such as Coty, Deutsche Bank, Procter and Gamble, and the FCA Group. This has enabled us to gain strong skills and knowledge in the field of digital marketing and growth strategies, which we will keep using to train human resources and assist our partners.

A multifunctional, creative and productive environment 

Figmenta’s new Headquarters provide for big and multifunctional spaces which boost creativity, motivate people to collaborate and create innovative solutions. Furthermore, there are areas dedicated to visual and technological experimentation. Thanks to these features, the new Headquarters can be described as a multifunctional, creative and productive environment.

See you Soon!