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Yellow hats on! Construction begins.
Invest in the foundation to form strong and durable brands. With a clear understanding of your business, prospects, voice, messaging, branding, and goals, we are able to create a unique social package for your company.

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Content Production

Welcome to The Social Factory!
Keep the creative juices flowing from useful to delightful.
Our creativity shapes and adapts around the brand and takes it to another level, whilst always respecting its identity. We offer creative direction and strategic advice aimed at the conception and creation of in-house content for social media.
In this factory, content production starts from our in-house photo shooting studio up until motion graphics and 3D creations.

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Community & Wom

Ding dong! Keep your brand buzzing.
We will make your brand a home that you yourself would like to live in.
Every brand loyalist is created because of a positive experience with the brand. We monitor and react to all of the potential problems before you have even felt them. We are your social media sitter, who aims to prevent all of the potential crisis before you even feel it.

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Social ADV

Here is your energy drink! Just take a sip.
We make your brand run across all the channels by reaching out to all the right people, at the right time, with the right messages. Social advertising allows us to generate social engagement on the social network in a quick and effective way.

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Influencer Engagement

The Game isn’t just getting eyeballs; but getting eyeballs that care!
We track digital trends and create a tailor-made strategy for your brand, carefully selecting and engaging with the right micro influencers to create an impactful and relevant storytelling.
For us, the magic words are learn, iterate and tinker.

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Social Events

We’re here to make you the party kings and queens.
If you didn’t post it, did it really happen? Make them jealous.
Live event coverage is an excellent opportunity to attract, connect and engage your audience in real-time. This is not just enough, we are talking about absolute digitalization of your event. We create unique experiences able to connect people and brands.