System Professional implements new ad-formats on Facebook

Figmenta implements Collection Ads with System Professional

Figmenta is proud to have implemented the brand new ad-format Collection Ads on Facebook, with the brand System Professional.


Facebook Business introduces new ad-formats

During the last years Facebook Business has been working to give advertisers the possibility to develop interactive advertisements, by taking advantage of the their habit of spending a lot of time on their phones.

In 2016 Facebook took the first step with Canvas Adverts, which allow users to live a full screen immersive and interactive experience, without leaving the platform. On the back of this success, Facebook Business has recently taken the second step with Collection Ads. Collection Ads is an ad-format which improves the way users discover and eventually purchase. This also gives brands the possibility to tell a story and show more products and features just in an ad.


System Professional communicates through Collection Ads

For the first time Figmenta has implemented this brand new ad-format with the brand System Professional, to communicate their exclusive Christmas EnergyCode boxes; In the first place users view a video and a collection of pictures of the products underneath it. Then by tapping on the video they are directed to a full-screen interactive page, with the possibility to scroll down it and to discover all the products and all the interactive content connected to them.