For the fourth year running we have managed Wella Collection Show’s digital communication

For the fourth year running, we have managed Wella Collection Show’s digital communication. This is the most important hairstyle show held in Italy, where some of the most famous national and international hairstylists show the latest hair trends, organised by Coty Professional Beauty and addressed to professionals.

The Wella Collection Show Color Consultation 2018, focused on the customization of hair colour and on the hair trends for spring and summer, took place on the 18thand 19thof February at the Pala Alpitour of Turin.

Digital promotion and communication strategy

Even this year Figmenta developed the whole online promotion and communication strategy, whose main aim was to intercept the professionals target on Italian territory. The strategy, based on the made inFigmenta methodology, consolidated over the years, enabled the event to attract the interest of the community, constantly and increasingly, by keeping it informed on the unique opportunities for the participants in this event.

We brought value by strengthening participants’ experience before, during and after the Wella Collection Show 2018, creating and nurturing a direct contact between brand and client, taking advantage of the different touchpoints which had been created.

For example, the teasing phase, which started exactly 3 months before the date of the show, was characterized by the publication of interactive and dynamic content, with information on the hairstylist involved in the show, both on Facebook and on Instagram. The objective was to arouse users’ curiosity and to push them to participate. “Io ci sarò, e tu?”, literally “I will be there, and you?”, was the creative concept of the whole communication, developed to push users to interact with contents, to create organic buzz around the event, promoting the sale of tickets.

For the occasion, a special decorative frame for Facebook profile pictures was created, particularly appreciated and used by the community of hairstylists.

 Furthermore, also an advertising campaign for the different phases of the event communication was obviously developed and managed: before, during and after it. This way, the editorial calendar contents could reach a broader audience, increasing their effectiveness.

Restyling of the App

In addition, the dedicated app for iOS and Android went through a restyling; completely renovated in terms of graphics, content and functionalities, with the aim to engage users and stimulate potential participants, through informative and entertaining contents. By using push notifications, for example, it was possible to communicate news to all registered users during the whole campaign. Moreover, push notifications enabled to make users fill in a satisfaction questionnaire after the show. Among the new functions, a mini-game named “Color Button” was implemented, whose objective was to make the public interact during the event and capable of creating a magic atmosphere inside the Pala Alpitour.

Live stream of the event

Moreover, Figmenta set up and managed the live stream of the event, which was broadcasted on Wella Italia’s Youtube channel, on the app, on the dedicated landing page and, for the first time, on Wella Professionals’ Facebook page, gaining more than 100,000 views during the two days of the show.


Social Room

Our dedicated team participated actively during the show as well! In fact, we created and enlivened the social room, which was busy with updating Rudy Zerbi and the audience on what was going on online.

Results of the strategy

The effectiveness of the implemented strategy, started in November and prolonged for another several weeks, has been proved by the results achieved, for example the ones related to Wella Professionals Italia’s Instagram account:

  • +100.000 users reached by the Instagram stories published live during the event;
  • +3.000 generated UGC, or the content generated by users;
  • + 5.000 likes during the two days of WCS.