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You have to leave to achieve

To know your future you have to know your story.  Without that story it is hard to know who you are and where you are going.  Icoone, a medical skin care brand that set out for the journey of becoming an industry leader in the minds of its international consumers.

Based on this vision, it makes sense that the communication is adaptive to diverse cultures and nations to remain unique, recognizable and consistent across borders. The type of communication able to differentiate the brand’s technologies related to skin, face and body treatment which stand out through the innovative Roboderm® patent, while remaining homogenous.

Icoone® Laser Med is the only device in the world able to stimulate the connective skin tissue in a deep and an effective way, without use of surgery. Icoone’s innovative technology provides real and concrete results. For this reason, it is known in the medical field. However, outside of this sector, many are deprived of the expert skin-care technology prided through research and the project of Icoone. Our challenge is to make the brand and its goals known throughout with emphasis on the beauty industry.


Journey map

In order to guide Icoon in its global journey we first studied and analyzed the market, consumers and competitor. Medical, Beauty and Wellness are the brand’s target sectors, as to which each correspond differently in relation to that of beauty.

Icoone now knows its place: in the competitive arena made of winding streets where it wants to make a name. We studied a flexible strategy in order to create a consistent positioning able extend over different cultures. Different countries with different cultures are the Icoon’s destinations.


Building your own road

Icoone is a beauty and wellness journey. A brand that wants to go skin deep.  A great starting point for designing a path that is aimed at embracing change and drive innovation. We created a brand manual in which the communication guidelines for each of the brand’s products helped to differentiate Icoone’s offer.

From logo design to fonts choice, we were able to convey a consistent and distinctive brand image. We believe in clear guidelines able to align all the different brand divisions that were necessary to structure a coherent and common brand communication. 

We developed a brand identity able to enforce brand image in a synergic and integrated way.


Online and offline strategy: What do I have to do to get here?

The Icoone highlight is a technological advancement that is full of advantages. Inorder for all to benefit from this development we broaden our journey for the story to be reached by others worldwide.


We visually identify Icoone’s LASER technology with nature by creating a video of this unique body treatment. Thanks to impactful and evocative images, we told the Multi Micro Stimulation in a simple and direct way.


Laser treatments are not available in all countries. In order to diversify the brand communication according to different countries we created a video in which a different type of Icoone technology is used. A body treatment able to satisfy beauty needs in a non-invasive way without using laser technology.

These 2 videos tell a common story in 2 different ways: The feeling that Icoone can give to our body. #BeautyWaves and #BeautyEffect represented visually a brand that now is ready to reach the goal of its journey.

Icoone character is ready to be known through an offline corporate identity made of business cards, catalogs and brochures that clarify the different types of personalized treatments aimed at meeting the needs of women and men of all ages.


The journey goal

Spread a culture of skin care able to explain to everyone the innovative technology of the brand. We told this effective solution through a storytelling strategy.

The goal is to create a motivational and inspirational platform that aims to create an international community connected to beauty and wellness. We created an editorial plan with visual and textual content made specifically to communicate, who is Icoone. This international goal was to speak the language of its different targets. 

We created Social Media Guidelines for Instagram and Facebook. A detailed guide of how Icoone should act in the brand’s  social profiles when corresponding to 9 different countries.

Different geographical contexts and different cultures thanks to these indications were able to find an alignment on what and how to publish. We also developed webinars in which we presented the new face and the new path of the brand. Now Icoone can foresee a future that points where they want to go and continues to extend the direction of where they could be. 

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