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Wella Professionals


We offered a 360° approach with the aim of increasing the awareness of Wella; the international leader in the haircare sector, in the Italian market. We aimed to do this by increasing the number of affiliated salons, in order to build and strengthen a network of professionals. Our goal was to create a multichannel ecosystem for the Italian market – B2B and B2C. The daily challenge we successfully faced, was to generate and support the perfect hub for a passionate community of hairdressers and end customers.



In order to promote Wella services aimed at the final consumer, communicating the values and philosophy of the brand, we created interactive and engaging social content. We ensured that the advantages to joining the Wella salon network for the B2B target were desirably highlighted. 

+5 years of collaboration

+7K FB avg. organic reach/post

+116K FB followers gained

For the promotion of brand services or products, influencer marketing activities are developed with the aim to increase the number of potential new customers, in mind.


We developed an online promotion strategy for the Wella Collection Show event, aiming to intercept professionals in the sector of the Italian territory.  The strategy was complimented by the development of an app for iOS and Android which, through the use of resources such as push notifications and satisfaction surveys of the show, improved the interaction of the participants. The management of live-streaming made it possible to involve those who were not physically present at the event. The Website Wella Collection show, the event materials (backdrops, stands etc.), the photo shooting and video production resulted in:

+100.000 users reached by the stories published on Instagram during the live broadcast;*

 +3.000 generated, i.e. user-generated content;*

+ 5.000 likes obtained in two days from shared posts*

*Wella Collection Show 2018 results

CRM – Newsletter B2B

We created a CRM system aimed at strengthening the relationship between Wella and affiliated professionals. This allowed us to to offer them reserved benefits and training courses and to keep them updated on the latest news and brand’s product launches. As a result of the organization of these contacts through several databases, we directed the final consumers’ choice towards the Wella salons.

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